Wayside School is Falling Down

Wayside School was supposed to be built on its side, but the construction crew read the blueprints wrong, building the school sideways instead.  After such an unusual mistake, the school is sure to be weird and wacky, and so it is!  From a missing floor where a creepy teacher lives to a birthday tattoo shaped … Continue reading Wayside School is Falling Down


Ballet Shoes

Pauline, Petrova, and Posy are sisters adopted by their Great-Uncle Matthew, or GUM for short.  GUM loves to travel, and collects fossils, artifacts, strange stones, and maps from other countries around the globe, disappearing for months, even years, at a time.  After he adopts Posy, GUM goes off on an adventure and is not heard … Continue reading Ballet Shoes

The 21 Balloons

Professor William Waterman Sherman leaves San Fransisco in a hot air balloon, expecting to be gone for at least one year, maybe two.  But when the professor is picked up in the Atlantic ocean less than a month later with not one but twenty balloons, the entire world wants to know, "what happened?"  Professor Sherman … Continue reading The 21 Balloons

Ramona the pest

Ramona can hardly wait to start Kindergarten so that she can finally catch up with her older sister, Beezus. At first, kindergarten is exciting, with songs of "the dawnzer's lee light," and Ms. Binney, the new teacher.  But when Ramona can't stop pulling Susan's hair, she is sent home from school, becoming the world's first Kindergarten … Continue reading Ramona the pest